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Dear all, we are so Happy ! On Saturday 27st of April we will be teaching the workshop “The Technology of feeling subtle energies” in London.

Come and join us for this life changing experience.


It will be a full day of practices, meditation and pranayama. The teachings will show you how to move the first steps in the precise Science of the Subtle Energy. No previous experience is required, everyone can do it!
It will be a one day Intensive Course that will give you the ability to understand the Outer and Inner World of Energy.

This course it is a part of the Pranic Energy Healing: an ancient Method of Balancing the Energy Field, in our Life and Environment.

This Method uses the Knowledge about the Existence of the Energy Fields - which Surround and Infuse the Human Physical Body, object, plants, Food, business and the environment.

Our ability to understand the world will be greatly enhanced.


  • How to Feel the Subtle Energy
  • How to Evaluate various “Layers” of the Information Energy Fields  and other Nuances of Subtle Energy
  • How to Evaluate The Energy field of the body ( also Known as “Aura”)
  • How to Achieve Internal Stillness through Meditations
  • How to use the Power of Yogic Breathing or Pranayama
  • Using Easy Physical Exercises to Increase your Energy Practical Application of Energy for various needs

was compiled by the Life Partner of Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui – Charlotte Anderson – the Founder of The Inner Sciences Network of Organizations

After this workshop a Practitioner will immediately and successfully be able to Feel everythig in life without any superstition or dogma.

Why is this workshop important for you?
It will:

  • Train you on the Fundamental Techniques of Feeling the energy
  • Provide you with a life-long tool to increase your Well-Being daily
  • Activate your Personal Techniques for Energy Restoration
  • Allow you to change your own life through understanding the Energy
  • Teach you simple knowledge about the Energy Body – which offers the possibility to adapt a holistic understanding of the broad concept of the  World of Energy


This Workshop will take 1 day or around 8 hours.

The information will be delivered in a simple and clear way.

Anyone who is interested can participate to this workshop 16+, Prerequisites: None

The Objective is to be able to use the Learned Skills immediately!

At the and of the course you will receive a certificate issued by The Institute for Inner Sciences, that will allow you to attend more advanced courses like PEH1, The Path To Arhatship and others.

TIME: The Course will start on Sunday at 10:30 AM and it will finish on Sunday at 7:00 PM. During both days will we have one hour off to have lunch and also some coffee/tea breaks.

Workshop Price: 180£

  • Super Duper COUPLE DISCOUNT! If you plan to come with a Friend, Girlfriend or Boyfriend you will be granted 30£ each discount. To book your spot, a deposit of 50£ is required:
  • PayPall:
    IBAN: DE11100110012629569609


For further information or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact one of the organizer or the PEH instructor via mobile phone or email.

UK Organizers Mobile

Anna : +44 7815751610

Elisa: +44 7786350875

Michele - PEH instructor: +39 333 4372383 - For WhatsApp Messages


Michele Lanciani is an authorized instructor of
“The Institute for Inner Sciences”

The Inner Sciences is an International Network of independent not-for-profit Organizations and Individuals working together to spread Spiritual and Esoteric Teachings throughout the World. The Teachings of The Inner Sciences can uplift and harmonize a Practitioner’s Life.

The Inner Sciences Network organizes and conducts Workshops, Conferences, Lectures, Broadcasts, Audio Streams, Video Streams, Webinars and Training Programs.

TIIS is dedicated to providing Complementary Healthcare Information and Energy Treatments, as well as a broad Spectrum of Spiritual Practices that include various forms of Yoga, Meditations and Esoteric Teachings that lead one to Rapid Personal Growth, Self Awareness and Spirituality.





The Workshop will be in Anna's Yoga Room,  a very quiet place not so far from the centre of London.

Easy to access by train: Charing Cross - London Bridge until a Hither Green + 10 minutes walk.

Or DLR until Lewisham and autobus 321, 261, 178 untill a Brandram rd and a couple of minutes walks


Due to our small shared courtyard, we are unable to offer visitor parking

I nostri studenti


  • Super Duper COUPLE DISCOUNT! If you plan to come with a Friend, Girlfriend or Boyfriend you will be granted 30£ each discount.
    To book your spot, a down payment of 50£ is required By
  • PayPall:
    IBAN: DE11100110012629569609